General Terms and Conditions of MoID GmbH

In the effective version of August 15th, 2013

1. Recitals - What is MoID?

WHEREAS, the software of MoID GmbH, a limited liability company under the laws of Germay, ("MoID GmbH") gives smartphone users, who installed the software of MoID GmbH ("users") on their device, the opportunity to offer other users their contact information in a simple way, to keep this information up to date and to manage received contact information meaningful.

WHEREAS, with the software of MoID GmbH the smartphone remembers what other users have been met and lists them. Afterwards, a faultless download of the contact information on mutual request is possible. Additionally, already exchanged contact information are checked on their up-to-dateness, and when indicated requested for an update.

WHEREAS, to provide this service, it is necessary that the user is visible for other users in the surrounding area with an identification element ("short name"). So the user has the opportunity to display the specified short name for other users in the environment with the help of Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi positioning and can offer a mutually requested contact data exchange.

2. Terms of use

In the relationship between MoID GmbH and you as user are these terms and conditions in the latest version, including the privacy policy effective. By downloading the software, the user agrees to these terms and conditions. Therefore, these must be read carefully and be considered, and if required they can be viewed at any time in the menu of the software and can be printed from our website (

3. Change of terms of use

MoID GmbH will change these terms and conditions on a regular basis in case of changes concerning the legal status or the status of developments or for other reasons.

4. Logout, delete account

The user has the option to unsubscribe at any time (logout). Afterwards the user is no longer visible to other users with his MoID. In addition to that the whole account can be deleted (Please send a delete request to

5. Costs

The software of MoID GmbH and its use is free of any additional charge. In the relationship to the users service provider, it may be that connection fees occur. In case of questions in this respect the mobile provider should be contacted.

6. Data use and privacy policy

Please read regarding to that the binding privacy policy.

7. Liability

7.1 MoID GmbH excludes all liability in connection with the use of their software. In particular, MoID GmbH excludes any liability for

7.1.1 published content of users of the software,

7.1.2 the accuracy of the data and content stored by the users,

7.1.3 an uninterrupted availability of the service.

7.2 The provisions of section 7.1 do not apply to intended or grossly negligent behavior of MoID GmbH, its employees and persons assisting in the performance of obligations. The liability for the violation of body, health, and life as for the violation of cardinal obligations remains unaffected.

7.3 User shall hold MoID GmbH harmless from any claims of third parties, based on the violation of intellectual property rights including copyright by the user.

7.4 MoID GmbH guarantees safety devices on industry average. The security and confidentiality of the users data has priority for MoID GmbH. However, MoID GmbH is not liable for an unauthorized access to or abuse of the users data. Section 7.2 shall apply mutatis mutandis.

8. Prohibited Activities

8.1 The publication of data that violate intellectual property or privacy rights of third parties is prohibited.

8.2 It is forbidden to enter radical opinions, sexual innuendo or defamations as contact information or as short name.

8.3 Only data directly related to the exchanging user is allowed to be used for exchange.

8.4 The reference to third party websites in the contact of users is only allowed with the prior consent of the third party, and only permitted if the reference is suitable to the user.

If you notice any violations of these terms and conditions by any user, please inform MoID GmbH.

9. Consequences of violation of these terms and conditions

To ensure the integrity and reliability of the service also on the long run, MoID GmbH reserves the right, to exclude users on the basis of discretion without prior warning in case of violation of these terms and conditions or other misconduct. This includes the right to delete user accounts permanently and to deny prospective or further access.